The Kenaly Complement

Temporary Staffing

The Kenaly Complement provides experienced financial aid administrators from counselor to director level. Our temporary staff members will relieve the stress of being short-staffed.

The Kenaly Complement carefully and thoroughly screens each one of our financial aid consultants. Our consultants are qualified by interview, background and reference checking to verify the extent of experience. We have a core group of consultants with proven track records that we continue to use because of the positive feedback from clients.

We take great pride in the selection of our consultants. The Kenaly Complement only hires consultants with a minimum 3 years of prior financial aid experience for counselor level assignments and a minimum of 7 years of experience for director level assignments. The average years of experience are nine. Our consultant's come on board with The Kenaly Complement fully trained and qualified. The experience of our consultants ensures that they can enter a financial aid office and immediately begin work with minimal training by our clients.