The Kenaly Complement

Process Assessment

Financial Aid Office Performance Assessment and Enhancement

Our Five Point Comprehensive Financial Aid Office Performance Assessment and Enhancement provides valuable insight and recommendations for office operational improvement.

We Thoroughly Review the Following Critical Points:

Point 1 - Customer Service
Point 2 - Technology
Point 3 - Application Process & Delivery of Aid
Point 4 - Checks, Balances & Compliance
Point 5 - Staffing

If you are uncertain of the productivity, compliance, staffing, electronic capability, customer service, or other area of your financial aid office - whether simply for improvement purposes or a crisis in the office - this is the perfect program for your Financial Aid Office. And, because we know that implementation is an essential component of Office enhancement, a complete implementation plan is an integral part of this program.

Functional Analysis of Office Processes

We provide experienced financial aid consultants to closely review and analyze the financial aid process. Working with the Director of Financial Aid and the office staff, we map the entire financial aid process in its current state. Through this process mapping, we will identify any gaps and deficiencies that exist and discover the reasons that certain errors occur. We then use this information to develop a more efficient operational system.

Peer Regulatory Review

We conduct an in-depth review of financial aid files, policies and procedures, reports and records, identifying possible issues of noncompliance in all areas, such as budgets, file verification, awards, return of Title IV funds, disbursements, consumer information requirements, dependency overrides and other professional judgment decisions. We provide a detailed report of findings as well as recommendations for effective and appropriate corrective action. This report is for the institutions use only; it is not forwarded to the Department of Education or other agencies.