The Kenaly Complement

Financial Aid Outsourcing

Let us take care of the financial aid processing and help you reduce costs – both at the same time. We develop and deliver seamless, integrated, and effective student-focused processes. And, we do so without forcing you to learn a new computer system.

Instead, we utilize the computer system that your institution already has in place. This means that you won’t be burdened with endless data entry and reporting tasks to a third-party servicer. This allows you to provide the best possible service to your students and significantly reduces the burden on the institution.
And, we do not "nickel and dime" our clients or send bills with variations from one month to another. We believe that you should know how much your bill will be each month so that you may budget accordingly.

The Kenaly Complement provides a comprehensive package of outsourcing services designed specifically for your institution. Some of the outsourcing services include:

You will find our services to be superior!